Cardiology Powerpoint Presentations
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Cardiology Powerpoint Presentations

Clinical Cardiology - Basics
1.     Heart Sounds –Origin,Normal&Amp; Abnormal.(Download)
2.     Heart Murmurs &Amp;
Dynamic Auscultation
3.     Jugular Venous Pressure And Waveforms(Download)  
4.     Approach To Cyanosis (Download)
5.     Dynamic Auscultation (Download)
6.     Jugular Venous
7.     Dynamic Auscultation (Download)
8.     Second Heart Sound- Physiology &Amp; Pathophysiology (Download)

Electrocardiography &Amp; Tmt

1.     Localization Of Culprit Artery In Stemi- Dr.Bijilesh.U -September 2012 - 6.69 Mb (Download)
2.     Standardization &Amp; Interpretation Of Ecg(Download)
3.     Nonischemic Regional Wall Motion Abnormality - Lbbb (Download)
4.     Exercise –Induced St Elevation (Download)
5.     Exercise Stress Electrocardiography (Download)
6.     Exercise Stress Test(Download)
7.     Ecg Predictors Of Culprit Artery In Acute Myocardial Infarction (Download)
8.     Exercise Stress Electrocardiography (Download)

Echo Assessment Of Valvular Heart Diseases
1.     Evaluationof Lv Systolic Function - Dr Sajeer.K.T- August2012 - 20.4 Mb (Download)
2.     Advanced Echo Modalities - Dr Thasin.N- July2012 - 27.3 Mb (Download)
3.     Tee Instrumentation &Amp; Basic Views - Dr.Sony Manuel.M - May2012 - 5.55mb (Download)
4.     Mitral Regurgitation Echo/Doppler Assessment(Download)
5.     Echocardiographic Assessment Of Aortic Valve Stenosis(Download)
6.     Tissue Doppler Basics (Download)
7.     Stress Echo (Download)
8.     Echocardiographic Assessment Of Mitral Regurgitation (Download)
9.     Echocardiographic Assessment Of Stenotic Valvular Lesions(Download)
10. Echocardiographic Assessment Of Stenotic Valvular Lesions (Download)
11. Doppler In Regurgitant Lesions (Download)
12. Doppler Echocardiography &Amp; Tissue Doppler(Download)
13. Evaluation Of Systolic Function (Download)
14. Diastolic Lv Function And Diastolic Heart Failure(Download)
15. Assessment Of Lv Systolic Function(Download)
16. Echocardiographic Assessment Of Aortic Regurgitation(Download)
17. Diastolic Lv Function And Diastolic Heart Failure(Download)
18. Basic Physics,Pulse Wave And Continuos Wave Dopple (Download)
19. Echocardiography In Mitral Stenosis(Download)

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