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General Pediatrics Collection

ADHD (Coll)

Allergic Rhinitis (Waibel)

Croup (Dobson)

Head Lice (Gorman)

Pediatric Environmental Health (Johnson)

Pediatric Jeopardy Template (Gorman)

SIDS (Schmidt)

Adolescent Collection

Adolescent Back Pain (Evans)

Adolescent Contraception (Hutchinson)

Adolescents & Drugs (Hutchinson)

Adolescent Emergencies (Robinson)

Adolescence & Gangs (Coleman)

Adolescent Nutrition (Camp)

Domestic Violence (Abraham)

Eating Disorders (Abraham)

Intro to Adolescent Medicine (Abraham)

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (McDermott)

Teen Pregnancy (Adelman)

Cardiology Collection

Cardiac Emergencies (Burklow)

Congestive Heart Failure (Burklow)

Endocarditis (Burklow)

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Burklow)

Introduction to Pediatric ECGs (Burklow)

Kawasaki’s Disease (Burklow)

Neonatal Cardiology (Farrell)

Post-Operative CHD

The T’s (Burklow)

Sudden Cardiac Death in Children (Burklow)

Chem/Bio Collection

Anthrax (Goldberg)

Inhalational Agents (Burklow)

Mustard Gas (Yu)

Nerve Agents (Rotenberg)

Smallpox (Goldberg)

Child Protection Collection

AFCCP Intro (Craig)

Child Abuse & Neglect (USUHS Staff)

Child Abuse: The Pediatrician’s Roles(Grigsby)

Non-Accidental Trauma (USUHS Staff)

Critical Care Collection

Acute Airway Obstruction (Crit Care Staff)

Brain Death (Hoover)

Death & Dying Issues (Creamer)

Emergency Asthma (Creamer)

Hemodynamics (Creamer)

ICP & Head Trauma (Smith)

Pediatric ARDS Update (Hoover)

Peds & Adult Sepsis (Creamer)

PICU Primer I (Creamer)

PICU Primer II (Creamer)

Sedation (Creamer)

Developmental Collection

Angelman Syndrome (Dobson)

Developmental & Community Medicine

Non-Stimulant Medications for ADHD (Coll)

Rett Syndrome (Dobson)

Endocrinology Collection

Cryptorchidism (Powers)

DKA (Bauer)

Hypothyroidism (Sherman)

Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Ellefson)

Metabolic Diseases (Camp)

Outpatient Management of Diabetes (Francis)

Type I Diabetes (Vogt)

GI/Nutrition Collection

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (Gorman)

Encopresis (Piniero)

Enteral Nutrition (Piniero)

GI Bleeding (Sullivan)

IBD: Growth & Nutrition (AuYeung)

Infant Formulas (Camp)

Inpatient Nutrition (Creamer)

Intussusception (Piniero)

Neonatal Cholestasis (GI Staff)

Pediatric Obesity (Camp)

Hematology/Oncology Collection

Intro to Pediatric Heme/Onc (Merino)


Thalassemia (Meng)

Transfusion Medicine (Harford)

Humanitarian Assistance Collection

Introduction to HA Missions

Oral Rehydration Therapy (Yu)

Standards of Care & Your Frame of Reference

Infectious Disease Collection

Antibiotics for Pediatric Diseases (McMillan)

HSV (Burnett)

Infectious Mononucleosis (Goldberg)

Neonatal Sepsis (Spencer)

Osteomyelitis (Peds ID Staff)

TORCH Infections (Maranich)

Neonatology Collection

Infant of a Diabetic Mother (Tate)

Kernicterus (NICU Staff)

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (Nicklay-Catalan)

Neonatal Cyanosis (Lefkowitz)

Neonatal Emergencies (Englert)

Neonatal Emergencies (Tate)

Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia (Kravitz)

Neonatal Respiratory Disorders (Greenwald)

Newborn Screening (Lefkowitz)

Nephrology/Urology Collection

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (Gorman)

Pediatric Hypertension (Gorman)

Pediatric Renal Transplants (Yao)

Voiding Dysfunction (Roscelli)

Neurology & Neurosurg Collection

Craniosynostosis (Gorman)

Pediatric Dyskinesias (Switaj)

Pediatric Sleep Disorders (Gorman)

Skull Deformities (Evans)

Orthopedic Collection

Pediatric Foot Deformities (Min)

Pulmonary Collection

Tuberculosis (Patterson)

Wheezing (Lipton)

National Capital Consortium Pediatric Residency
The Walter Reed Army Medical Center



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